Fan Fingers

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5555 unique collectible NFTs + Backer Tokens for Utility, Governance and Rewards.

Buy and HODL to support Fandefi
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455 / 555
100 reserved
Ξ 0.5550
755 / 1055
300 reserved
Ξ 0.1555
2945 / 3945
1000 reserved
Ξ 0.0555
Minting is now LIVE
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Our roadmap

Primary Sale

Choose from over 5555 unique Fan Fingers across 3 ranges.

  • 555 Gold Editions with a Fan Power of 1000 each
  • 1055 Silver Editions with a Fan Power of 500 each
  • 3945 Commons with a Fan Power of 100 each

We are allocating 10% of the funds from the primary sales towards an artist fund. We have a lot more specifics in our Whitepaper and our Funds allocation documents.

Fund Allocation

  • Artist Fund
  • Treasury
  • Founding Team Allocation
  • Development Expenses
  • Development Team Allocation
  • Advisors and Legal Fees
  • Bounties / Platform Incentives

Our Artists

Our amazing highly accomplished art team !

Asha Edwin
Eugin Robinson

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